I Want to Organize My Space. How Do I Get Started?

by Chris Cho

We’re a month into the new year, and for most of us we’ve already started, stopped, and restarted our new year’s resolutions many times over already. One of the most common resolutions is to get organized, and we’re here to help get you back on track. DECOMOMO has a wide range of bins to help declutter any kinds of mess!

Unfortunately, everyone has their own unique spaces and so it’s difficult to come up with a one-size-fit-all type of solution when suggesting which storage bin will work for you, and where to put it. We certainly need to spark up some creative thinking with how we want to arrange our space. 

Below are some ideas how our DECOMOMO team likes to use our baskets, as well as a few customer reviews and their storage solutions to help inspire your own organizational projects!

Staff Choices

For Skincare Products.  Staff member JF likes to use the cotton rope baskets to store their skincare products. These bins are easy to carry around, and has a wide opening for easy access. These baskets can be neatly stored under your sink cabinet or closet when not in use.

For Outdoor Fun. For large social gatherings, staff member SV likes to use the Large Cotton Rope Basket to bring to the beach. With it’s large profile, you can conveniently store all your beach gear into one portable basket! Carry your beach towel, sunblock, food, drinks, sports equipment, hats, extra clothes, etc. all at once.

For Clothes.  One of the more common uses that we hear are for storing away clothes. These baskets has a sturdy base that consists of a 2.5mm MDF board, which allows you to carry your clothes around in the bin without having it to collapse in the middle. Depending on the size of your closet or shelves, the cube bins can fit into most furniture spaces including from your favourite brands (Ikea, wayfair. Etc.) Choose the size that fits into your existing space. Team member JM likes to use Cube Fabric Bins to store clothes on her shelf.

For Nurseries.  My favourite choice would be for the parents, the extra large cotton rope basket is great to use in nurseries. When your children are done with the toys, simply toss them all into the large and tall bin. These bins are rigid to stand up independently and can be a nice independent décor piece for the room.  

For Living Rooms. Another great use is having it in the living room to store any extra pillow or sheets to use for the colder nights, watching Netflix on the sofa. Simply roll them up when you don’t need them anymore and place them back into the basket.

For Tabletop Knickknacks. Team member CC likes to use the cotton rope baskets for storing tabletop knickknacks. Keep your coffee table organized by storing all the variety of assortments you keep on top of your table. Although his dog Momo does like climbing into the basket, we only recommend using the baskets for items.

Customer Spotlight

Below are some of our customer’s choices for storage!

Beautiful & Sturdy - A Must Buy By Sarah on Jan 23, 2021

“I am OBSESSED with these bins and have bought them several times. They are beautiful and sturdy and fit perfectly on a standard shelf. I mainly use them for toy storage and closet storage. When I say they’re sturdy I mean it - my kids store their hot wheels cars in one and their trains in another (which are both quite heavy) and the bins have been holding up great."

Great fabric storage boxes for a reasonable price By Leah on Jan 24, 2022

“I was hesitant to order these because other reviewers said they didn't hold their shape and that they had an bad smell. I think there is a big difference between them not holding their shape and having wrinkled fabric. These boxes will hold their shape (keep in mind they are fabric, so they will never be totally rigid). They were wrinkled after being collapsed for a long time. I used a handheld steamer on them, at the creases came out. They did have a bit of an odor, but I find a lot of new stuff does. I just left them to air for a couple of days.”

Perfect size and colour! By Liz4christ on Feb 10, 2021

“I wanted to update my daughter's play area into a more neutral pallete so I replaced the primary colour bins with these and they great! They are large and fit so much stuff - from a giant playdoh container to bath bomb kits etc. Great buy!”

So nice for toys! By Tiffany on Nov 26, 2021

“These bins are so cute for my sons toys. They look nice, are big and fit perfect in 2 different types of cube shelves. The only downside is that they come folded so some of them don’t want to stay standing perfectly upright, but as long as you fill them up or spread them out fully they are fine.”

Awesome heavy duty bins By michelle on Aug 29, 2021

“They are better quality than I thought they'd be. Fit perfectly in the Ikea Kallax storage shelving. Going to be ordering another set to complete the bottom row”

If you want us to showcase any of your organizational projects, you can tag us on IG at @decomomo.official, or email us your photos at contact@decomomo.com!