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cotton rope baskets

Cotton Rope Baskets (2pcs) - Small Woven Storage Bins

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Product Description

  • Set of 2 cotton rope baskets, ideal for kids' toys
  • High-quality, durable, and stylish baskets with a warm & cozy texture
  • Can be used for tissues, towels, toys, and books storage
  • Open-top for easy access, integrated handles for convenient portability
  • Minimalist, neutral design suits any decor style for timeless organization


  • 10” (L) x 8”(W) x 5” (H) / 25cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 12.7cm (H)


  • 100% Natural cotton
  • *The Beige Variant contains Jute Material

Set Quantity

  • Set of 2

Case Pack Quantity

  • 20 In a Case

Storage Capacity

  • Up to 25 lbs

Care Tip

  • Iron at low heat: If your storage bin arrives with creases, iron it at low heat to remove them. This will help to restore the original shape and look of the bin.
  • Stuff the baskets: If the creases are stubborn, stuff the bin with pillows and blankets for a few days to ease them out.
  • Do not bleach: Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals when cleaning the storage bin, as this may damage the fabric.
  • Wash by hands in cold water: To clean your storage bin, it's best to wash it by hand in cold water. Gently rub the fabric with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. Avoid using hot water or machine washing as this can damage the fabric and the handles. After washing, let it air dry completely before storing or using it again.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Cotton storage bins should be kept out of direct sunlight, as this can cause the fabric to fade over time.
  • Air dry: After washing, air dry your cotton storage bins by laying them flat or hanging them on a clothesline. Avoid using a dryer, as this can also cause shrinkage and damage to the fabric.



Our cotton rope woven baskets are a stylish, practical alternative to other boring storage solutions. Not only will our baskets help you get organized, the sleek design, sophisticated shape, and neutral colors will complement any decor in any room for all your storage needs. Use them in the bathroom, nursery, playroom, bedroom, living room, laundry room, & more.


Our handles are integrated with the basket in a seamless manner. Clean and sleek look, but most importantly, sturdy and functional. Crafted with 100% natural cotton, they make for a lovely and practical gift to friends and family for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, housewarmings, or any other gift-giving occasion!


Our baskets are made from high quality materials. They are soft to the touch, yet sturdy enough to keep their shape and stand up on its own. Sized generously for all your storage needs. Combined with a low profile slit handles with reinforced stitching, allowing for convenient and comfortable carrying of heavy loads around the house. Collapsible and foldable design so you can easily tuck them away when not in use for more space.


Our storage baskets are handmade from eco-friendly, chemical-free, and non-toxic premium cotton. They’re safe to use anywhere in your home. Our quality workmanship ensures there are no sharp edges or hard surfaces that scratch your floors, furniture and fixtures. Use them with complete peace of mind around babies, children, and pets.


Useable in any room of the house and office to keep everything clean and tidy. Set of 2 meet your various storage needs. Helps liven up any room with our simple, yet elegant design. Fits well with a variety of storage compartments and shelves. Whether it’s all for yourself or sharing between family and friends, or gifting to others. Our 2-pack Cotton Rope Woven Baskets are practical that fits the bill and décor.


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Additional features

Durable and Stylish Storage Basket

Functional & Versatile

The minimalist design and neutral color of the baskets make them a stylish addition to any decor style, adding a warm and cozy touch to any room

Storage Basket with Sturdy Handles

Sturdy Handles

Includes integrated dual handles, one on each side that makes it easy to pull out from the shelves. Holds up to 25lbs

Cotton Material Storage Basket

Easy to Clean Fabric

Fabric is easy to clean, spot clean with light soapy water or damped clothes when needed.

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