Brand Story



Brand Voice:

Brand Tone:

Authentic | Honest | Caring | Friendly | Inspiring | Connected | Natural

Our brand has an honest, authentic, and down-to-earth tone which welcomes and warms our audience naturally. Just like our products, we blend purpose with delightful ease, ensuring our communication style is intentional and simple, yet easy on the eye. Lighting hearts and homes is what we do best, so it’s vital to always infuse an inspirational tone when speaking about our products, philosophy, and home spaces.



Brand Philosophy:

Elevator Pitch:

Moved by simple living and natural beauty, Decomomo designs minimal and modern storage products that brighten your space and your mood, and creates the sentiment of everyday calm.

Enhancing the essence of simplicity, our products are meticulously designed to embrace the beauty of noble materials and its functionality, ensuring each piece tells an untold story of thoughtful craftmanship.

Rooted in purpose, practicality, and premium quality, Decomomo inspires a lifestyle of simplicity through affordable and down-to-earth storage solutions.



Mission Statement:

To provide practical & purposeful storage solutions.

Devoted to practical and purposeful living, Decomomo strives to create simple yet functional storage solutions that organize your home space, with ease.

Because home organization tends to be forgotten amidst the chaos of modern living. Our to-do list grows, our calendars fill up and we become busy, but we believe that true peace of mind rests within space. Meticulously created with our customers lifestyle in mind, each piece cultivates more space, utility, and convenience through the simple art of thoughtful design.   


Vision Statement.

Create Space. Live Simply.

This is the cornerstone of our brand, to inspire simple and spacious living through intentional storage solutions.

Rooted in functional design and affordable organization, our essential purpose is to embrace subtle beauty, enhance minimal living, and create moments of peace of mind.



Founder’s Story:

A home-space creator and minimalist at heart; my name is Jess and I am the founder of Decomomo – your go-to space for modern, simple, and intentional storage solutions.

I had always been inspired by minimalism, simplicity, and the sweet-ease of a spacious, well-organized home but it was during my undergraduate studies at York university that really cemented the value of peace of mind within space.

Returning back to school was overwhelming. From the workload to the tight budget, I had to adapt and innovate whilst living a humble lifestyle. Cue Decomomo, my newfound creative outlet of designing organizational household products that improved space, style, and simplicity. Experienced in make-up artistry and image design, I was able to visualize unique colour palettes that would enhance the essential look and feel of the medium, embracing the natural beauty of each piece entirely.

It’s in this moment that I realized creating simple, practical, and purposeful organizational pieces did not have to be exclusive nor expensive, and so Decomomo was born. Focusing on simple design and natural materials, we create authentic and easy-to-store pieces that nurtures comfort, simplifies space and cultivates ease, simply.


Slogan Ideas:

  • Simplicity within Space.
  • Made for Simple Living.
  • Create Space. Live Simply.
  • Creating space for simple living.
  • Modern Design for Minimal Living.