7 Easy Spring Decluttering/Cleaning Tips For Home Organization

It’s spring here!! 

A time of renewal and rejuvenation, as the natural world awakens from its winter slumber which allows for improving indoor air quality by opening windows and enabling the circulation of fresh air.

Undoubtedly, everyone wants positive energy in their homes especially when they are about to start a fresh season. While making plans for seasonal activities, don’t forget the tradition of spring cleaning and decluttering to organize your home. After all, your house also wants some seasonal spring organization. A clean and organized home can help to improve mood and reduce stress, leading to a more positive outlook.

Most people are confused about where to start. Cleaning or Decluttering? Let me make it simple.

Spring cleaning vs decluttering

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It is generally recommended to do decluttering before cleaning because it allows for a more efficient and effective cleaning process. Here are a few reasons why:

Benefits of Decluttering

Overall, decluttering first helps to streamline the cleaning process, create a healthier living environment, and prevent re-contamination of cleaned surfaces.

Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering room by room with storage bins can create a more organized and serene space. Here are some steps you can take for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, and bathroom.

1) Assess what you have 

Start by taking stock of everything in your living room. Make a list of items that you use often and those that you don't use or need anymore.

Spring Decluttering
Transparent Storage Bin

2) Get the right storage bins: 

Choose storage bins that are the right size and material for the items, you want to store. Consider Clear Storage Bins so that you can easily see what's inside.

3) Categorize your items: 

Group similar items together, such as books, toys, accessories, gadgets medicines, etc., and arrange them in Versatile Storage Bins.

Hard Sided Storage Bin
Storage Bin with Label

4) Label your bins: 

Use Storage Bins with Labels so you can label each bin with the contents inside and you know what's in each bin without having to open it.

5) Store your bins: 

Once you've labeled your bins, store them in a designated area, such as a closet or shelves. Make sure your storage bins are compatible with Shelves or Closet.

Storage Bin with Label
Storage Bin for Plants

6) Use Decorative Bins for your plants: 

Decorative Storage Bins can be both functional and stylish, allowing you to store plants and other items while also adding a decorative touch to your space.

7) Regularly declutter: 

Set a regular schedule for decluttering and go through your storage bins to see if there are items you no longer need or use.

Following these steps, you can declutter your home and create a more organized, peaceful space using storage bins. If you are looking for storage bins for organizing your home during the spring season, check out DECOMOMO's exclusive spring collection. Get 20% discount on every storage bin in the collection. Take advantage of this offer and start shopping now to prepare your home for the upcoming spring season.


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