Spring Organizing with DECOMOMO

Spring is around the corner, and it is time to begin planning on switching out our seasonal gears. This is a great opportunity to organize your belongings as you sift and sort your way between seasons. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Wash before you store

Before storing away your winter clothes and accessories, wash them so that they will be ready to use when the colder season returns. Unwashed clothes can produce mold and mildew and cause an odour in the long term. It can be hard to spot any visible stains, but any contact with lotions, perfumes, sweat, oils etc. can remain on the fabric and cause yellow spots over time. This can be harmful to your clothes and reduce the overall lifespan.

Create a donation or garbage pile

While putting seasonal items away, it is the perfect time to reflect on what you have used or not used. For items that have not been used for the season, it is taking up space and creating more clutter. We can have all sorts of ideas in our heads about how we can use something, but I want you to think back this past year and ask yourself why it wasn’t used. If you decide to let things go, consider donating to a friend or family member, or to local donation centers. If the items are not in a usable or giftable condition, consider throwing them out.

Keeping similar items in one location

Keeping all your seasonal items in one location can help you access them when you need them. When boxes are scattered, there are things that you can miss and forget that you have. Labeled storage baskets can also help with organizing your space, and keep the space decluttered as you do not have to sift through several boxes to find the one you’re looking for. Check out DECOMOMO’s variety of storage baskets to see which baskets best fit your space. 

Keep it simple

There is a cleaning product specifically for anything out there in the market. This can get rather expensive and can take up a lot of space especially if you aren’t cleaning regularly. Instead, an all-purpose cleaner with a microfiber cloth can help clean most surfaces. From counters, cabinets, floors, tables, sinks, walls, windows, toilets and more, an all-purpose cleaner can work well for your needs. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly before there is any food-contact. For more specialty surfaces or appliances (such as granite or stainless steel), purchase other specialty cleaning supplies as needed.  

Bring in the colors

Welcome spring by bringing in some colors. As we spring forward an hour ahead, we are getting more daylight throughout the week. Give your home a warmer feel by incorporating brighter colors and patterns. Light color schemes on your walls can help bounce natural sunlight across your space. Of course, you don’t need to change the color of the walls instead of that you can bring colorful storage baskets. By doing so you could arrange your things easily in a decorated way. Adding plants to your space can elevate the home feeling.

Reorganizing your entryway

With the arrival of a new season, it is time to reorganize your entryway by storing away the winter accessories, and bringing out the spring essentials. Whether its gardening tools, sports gear (frisbees, football, soccer ball, etc.), or pet accessories, it is important to have easy access to them for it to be used.

Happy Organizing!