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Dual Shade Cotton Rope Storage Basket w/Knot Handles - Stylish Woven Basket for Plants and Toys

Dual Shade Cotton Rope Storage Basket w/Knot Handles - Stylish Woven Basket for Plants and Toys


DECOMOMO Cotton Woven Basket, Set of 3. Our rope basket is made of 100% natural cotton with no sharp edges which makes it safe to use around babies, infants, and kids. Use these for baskets storage organization for toys, blankets, baby clothes, towels, laundry, and more.

Set of 3

Size: 11” (D) x 11” (L) / 28cm (D) x 28cm (L)

Model: 22071
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Product Details

Set of 3 cotton rope storage baskets - the perfect storage solution for any room in your home! Made from high-quality, natural cotton rope, these woven baskets are both durable and stylish. With their beautiful woven design, these storage organizer baskets are not only practical but also a great decorative addition to any space. Their neutral color and texture make them suitable for any decor style, from rustic to modern. These storage baskets are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as storing blankets, toys, plants, laundry, magazines, and more. They come in sets of 3, allowing you to organize kids toy storage. This storage bin for toys is lightweight and easy to move around, yet sturdy enough to hold its shape even when empty. The soft cotton rope construction makes them gentle on delicate items, ensuring that your belongings stay in top condition. Get ideas for toy storage and plant storage with our set of 3 cotton woven rope baskets today and add some practical style to your home!


  • 100% Cotton


  • 11” (D) x 11” (L) / 28cm (D) x 28cm (L)


  • Set of 3

Care Tips

  • Iron at low heat: If your storage bin arrives with creases, iron it at low heat to remove them. This will help to restore the original               shape and look of the bin.
  • Stuff the baskets: If the creases are stubborn, stuff the bin with pillows and blankets for a few days to ease them out.
  • Do not bleach: Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals when cleaning the storage bin, as this may damage the fabric.
  • Wash by hands in cold water: To clean your storage bin, it's best to wash it by hand in cold water. Gently rub the fabric with a mild         detergent and rinse thoroughly. Avoid using hot water or machine washing as this can damage the fabric and the handles. After                 washing, let it air dry completely before storing or using it again.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Cotton storage bins should be kept out of direct sunlight, as this can cause the fabric to fade over time.
  • Air dry: After washing, air dry your cotton storage bins by laying them flat or hanging them on a clothesline. Avoid using a dryer, as         this can also cause shrinkage and damage to the fabric.

Discover More


DECOMOMO storage basket is manufactured using a woven process which ensures that the baskets are built to last years of continuous use. Our woven basket is very resilient and can handle heavy weight without it tearing apart. The stylish knotted handles make the baskets portable and suitable to carry around your lovely home.


Each storage organizer basket is made with 100% non-chemical natural cotton which is skin-friendly. Our craftmanship ensures there are no sharp edges which makes it safe to use around babies, infants, and kids.


Each piece can be beautifully used as a blanket basket, plant basket, toy storage organizer, baby laundry basket, holds toys, books, clothes, towels, etc. Place these on bedside tables, bathroom racks, cubby shelving units, laundry room, playroom, and more.


Comes in a pack of 3. Each storage basket is designed to complement any home décor, made with dual tone and neutral colors. Use these as cute boho home décor for bedroom, living room & nursery. Dimension (each) 11” (H) x 11” (D) (28 x 28cm)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jessica M
Love these baskets!

I use these in my babies room for her dirty clothes. They are so cute and good quality! They take a while to form the shape after purchase but will eventually become more rounded.Would purchase again!

Alejandra Acosta
Love it


good, sturdy, cute

I bought these baskets for my son's toys to fit the cube organizer in his room. I have put my son's legos, cars, magformers which are very heavy but these bins surprisingly bear all the weight. I can already tell these will last years for keeping my son's room all organized.Also matches his animal themed room.

Paul Yang
Works good for IKEA cube shelves

Nice baskets to organize a room with more than just boxes. The material is nice and sturdy. I use them for pillows, blankets, and also clothes and it's been great so far; just big enough for a throw blanket, so that can be used to help reform it from the packaging. I used these for my 4 cube Ikea organizer. I will most likely order more in the future.

Great for gifting

I bought these as a gift for my friend's new house. She is already going crazy about it. She asked me where I bought these from and ordered another set to fit her organizer. She specifically found the knot handles very cute.

Additional features

Functional & Versatile

Functional & Versatile

The minimalist design and neutral color of the baskets make them a stylish addition to any decor style, adding a warm and cozy touch to any room

Sturdy Handles

Sturdy Handles

Includes integrated dual handles, one on each side that makes it easy to pull out from the shelves. Holds up to 25lbs

Easy to Clean Fabric

Easy to Clean Fabric

Fabric is easy to clean, spot clean with light soapy water or damped clothes when needed.

Durable Construction

Durable Construction

Made from high-quality, soft cotton rope, these baskets are built to last and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

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